Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shitting while dancing

It's difficult to write while listening to music.
Too easily influenced.

I try to listen to listen to new music and feel uncomfortable by the unfamiliar. I was able to spell unfamiliar without my screen underlining it.
I read over my sentences in different voices because it makes me feel comedic. I said listen to twice.

My mind is quickly manipulative. Right before I switch there's a tingling sensation that runs through my head and down my back. My skull feels like it's pulsating.
When I was a baby I used to "lightly" bang my head against the crib (it was probably a pillow, details are sketchy) until I fell asleep. I was probably bored. Being a baby is fucking boring.

I don't like going back to the memories that make me feel like I might shit my emotions.
Used to and use to. I need clarification on that.